The New DS3

I have some news for cars’lovers because today, after my lunch break at PSA, my team has been invited by my chief manager to discover the new Citroën DS3. There were 2 models in exhibition with the possibility to jump into them. There were a lot of employees around them and each one came into successively. When my turn arrived I could see a wonderful car with razor sharp styling and a visually-arresting design. It owned a refreshing style with a colour-contrasted ‘floating roof’, ‘shark fin’ and a sleek design of the front LED lights. The wing mirrors and rubbing strips were personalised in smart chrome finish.

The Citroen DS3

The Citroen DS3

Afterwards I decided to come into. At the first sight, the cabin has a contemporary elegance atmosphere with an exceptional attention to details and an extensive use of luxury materials such as leather and chrome. The upper part of the flowing dashboard echoes the floating roof combining satin-finish chrome. There were modern seats upholstery designed with leather and dashboard’s colour. The driver position delivers impressive comfort and dynamics poise with a sports-styled instrument cluster featuring three conical dials.

The DS3's dashboardThe DS3's seats
To conclude I think it will be a serious competitor for the MINI car and the space seems better than the MINI or the Fiat 500, with five real seats. When I talked to the show manager I learnt that the roof could be taken in a choice of four colours – black, blue, red or white – and you can even throw a mix of several graphics. Besides I could notice that many people have enjoyed it.

Now, let’s dream just a moment and visit the website –> <– where you can customized your DS3 : it’s very funny!

I really keen on this car and now I look forward to testing it on the road.