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Hello everybody !

Sorry for my absence but I was very very busy during these 3 months with my engineering final report. Now I am back to give you a new post talking about the king of Pop : Mister Micheal Jackson. I have recently seen the American documentary concert film directed by Kenny Ortega who shows us the rehearsals and the preparation of the concert series scheduled to start on July 13, 2009, but canceled due to the king’s death eighteen days prior to the show, on June 25. Like I said this film depicts Micheal Jackson rehearsing his musical hits, directing his team, and additional behind the scenes footage including dancer auditions and costume design. I am very impressed by the concert organisation and Michael Jackson’s quality of performance despite his health and his old age. For the first time ever, I saw Michael as I have never seen him before with an incredible determination to make it the greatest concert of all time. The atmosphere was lit with fireworks all around. There was a raised platform on which Micheal would stand and hover over the crowd of his followers below. To conclude I will never forget this person who left an impression on me during my childhood.

Thank you very much…
Rest in Peace


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