My Desert Island book

I present you the Survive on a Desert Island. This book provides useful informations for difficults situations an individula may encounter. I think this book allow me to learn a lot of thing to survive and maybe how to make a small boat to escape.


My luxury item

I present you the most important item when you are losted in desert island. It ‘s a perfect tool to survive and fill in time. In fact I ll be able to cut wood and food or to open the coconuts. It will allow me to build a shelter , to eat and to make a fishing rod. When the weather will be bad it will be very useful maybe to make wood carving.

That is the song very important in the desert island when you want to sing. The members of the group are rapper,singer,producer Wyclef Jean, rapper,singer,producer Lauryn Hill, and rapper Pras Miche. This song is in The Score album (1996), was a multi-platinum and Grammy-winning success. It’s for me the best Fugee Album and it is advisable to buy it.

The sense of rhythm by Barry White

Barry White, this man derserve to listen his music with his rich bass voice and romantic image. I think that it ‘s an important person in soul funk and disco songs. This music communicate a sentiment of peace and love with a swingind rhythm.

I’m sick of Hip Hop

I present you the Hocus Pocus group whose style is oriented in Jazz. Before this group producted Jazz music.
The music above show how to become sick of hip hop rap music. It’s a very funny song with plenty of french singer reference and a beat composed of many differents musical instruments.

The most popular clip of the world

I don’t present him because it’s no necessary. I put the best clip of the world with a production budget of $750,000 whose the album sales is estimated at 1 billion copies worldwide. Check this sound !

This is time to remenber the famous american crime film directed by Quentin Tarantino and its soundtrack which staying in all heads. This song using an electric assortment of surf music, rock and roll, soul, and pop songs. I think that I will use this song when I must do somethink quickly in my desert island to motivated me.

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